About Us

We help our clients achieve a Happy, Healthy, and Hopeful lifestyle, by drastically improving their health with tools they can use for a lifetime!

We assist our clients in becoming the best versions of themselves by;

removing barriers to health, increasing their awareness of life and assisting them in raising their emotional tones.
Our clients will maximize their longevity, health and happiness.



There are many benefits to achieving a healthy weight.


Losing weight is one of the most important and effective ways to enjoy better overall health.

Learn how shedding the extra pounds can reduce pain by decreasing stress on joint structures.

Our proven weight loss programs help increase your energy and vitality.

The heavier you are, the harder your cardiovascular system is forced to work.

Being overweight can affect more than just your days,  so lose that extra weight and get a better night’s sleep.

Achieving a more fit, healthy body can have both immediate and long-lasting stress reduction effects.


Dr. Rendelstein DPSc

-Founder & Owner Of ThinTech
I started Thintech Weight Loss and Nutrition in 2013 with the purpose of delivering the Nutrimost weight loss system.  In truth, I never expected to own a weight loss company.  I received my chiropractic degree in 2004 and had practiced as a chiropractor exclusively.  I was, however, a morbidly obese chiropractor who, like most of our clientele, tried many unsuccessful ways to lose weight.
In or around 2011, I attended a chiropractic seminar in Manhattan.  Several of the doctors there were noticeably leaner than they had been in the past and one of them, Dr. Siegel, was unrecognizable.  Dr. Siegel and I had attended chiropractic school together and, at that time, I was very lean and he was obese.  This time the roles had reversed!
Dr. Siegel and the others had been doing what would later be called the Nutrimost Ultimate Fat Loss System.  This system would soon be licensed to chiropractic offices, including the office where I worked.
I began the program and lost 60 lbs. in about 4 months.
Some months later, I parted ways with that practice and became a Nutrimost licensee I operated solo out of a one room office in Cranford.
In 2015, I moved into the office on Centennial avenue.  By this point, we had become a Nutrimost Franchise and, in accordance with franchise rules. promoted “Nutrimost” and not, “Thintech”.
In 2017, I took over the offices of a retiring Nutrimost Doctor one in Marlboro and one in Toms River.  In addition to office space and equipment, I inherited Jennifer Parese.  She is our lead Coach and the head of the Technical Services Division.
2019 saw a reorganization of both the franchise and Thintech.  We went back to operating under a license agreement.   This means we purchase the right to use the Nutrimost system but are free to operate as we see fit and no longer subject to the rules of the franchise.  This allows us to build and promote our own brand and purchase products from other distributors.   We took immediate advantage of this by bringing on the Neora line of skin care products.
My name is Tricia Di Pietro.
I am The Front Desk for ThinTech Wellness and Weight Loss.
I am the smiling face here to make sure the clients are receiving the services needed to live a happier, healthier lifestyle!
From appointment scheduling to putting clients’ programs together, I am here for the clients every step of the way!
My goal is to make sure every client is happy and well supported on their journey to health.

As a professional hairstylist for 18 years, I left the industry in 2017 to raise and take care of my now 13-year-old twins, Ava, and Thomas.

Looking to get back into the workforce in 2021, an opportunity opened up for me to join the team at ThinTech and I couldn’t be more happy!
I am back in my element, yes, a different setting but I am back to making people happy, building relationships with the clients, and helping them on their journey to health!
Not only did I go back to work but working here has helped me find my zest for life again. I recently completed the program and I have lost 35lbs.
I feel fantastic! Working here has been one of my best decisions yet, meeting new people and watching them transform their lives is nothing short of amazing!

Tricia DiPietro

– Office Administrator Of ThinTech

Jennifer Parese Silvestro

– Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Of ThinTech
Hi, I’m Jennifer Parese-Silvestro. Fun factoids about me: I live in Central NJ with my husband, three out of my four kids (one has flown the nest and lives in Queens, NY, working as an attorney at an environmental law firm), my mom, two dogs, one cat, two birds, two rabbits, and a few tanks of fish. I love music, reading, and learning about people. Lots of life and love and energy here!

Living by the motto “question everything” has served me well: always questioning, always learning, always looking to find the root cause of issues, and believing that fostering a healthy relationship with REAL food can be a powerful healing modality.

Over six years ago I turned to ThinTech to help break the nearly unbreakable chains that being overweight for ten years had on my life; I shed 52 pounds and rediscovered my true sense of self in the process.

That reaffirmation gave me the push I needed to enroll in school and embrace my calling as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

This certification is in addition to a B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Communications, and twenty-five years of practical experience in holistic living using homeopathy, natural supplements, essential oils, and cleaning eating to help my family and others support their bodies for optimal health conditions. I also successfully built and maintained two other businesses while raising my children and caretaking for the family pets.

While enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, my path once again led me back to ThinTech where I got hired and now work in a fulfilling career where I now coach others so they, too, can claim the life they so richly deserve.

I’m thrilled and honored to be here with all of you. Together we CAN and WILL change the world – one Happy, Healthy, Hopeful person at a time!

My name is Jacqueline Mazzariello and I am the Director of Marketing for ThinTech Wellness and Weight Loss.  It is my focus to create, maintain and rebuild communication with existing and potential clients that have either completed a program with us or those who have reached their optimal health and achieved their “renewed zest for life”.  I manage and execute our advertising presence on social media platforms, ThinTech brand management, events, and promotional opportunities. Essentially building and strengthening our client experience is just a part of my vision as a ThinTech team member-I am here for them every step of the way.
I studied international business and finance in college, and it has led me to working in the health industry through many circuits.  Previously employed by The Kidney & Urology Foundation and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  But no fit has been better than finding ThinTech. I have been a part of the ThinTech Team for 4 years.  Not only have I completed the program and lost 41lbs my husband has as well and lost 50+.
Being engulfed in a brand, team and atmosphere that genuinely cares for the health, journey, lifestyle, and overall future of everyone who walks into our office is nothing short of amazing and being a part of those steps is a reward in itself!

Jacqueline Mazzariello

– Marketing Director Of ThinTech

Corinne Pagliuca

– Corporate Communications Specialist Of ThinTech
My name is Corinne Pagliuca.
I am the Communications Secretary for Thin Tech Wellness and Weight loss.
My main responsibility is to support the team and ensure we have an ethical and productive company.
I ensure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes.   I have worked for Thin Tech since October of 2019.
I got my degree in Business Management at Ramapo College.
Upon entering the workforce, I worked for Big Pharma companies doing compliance for pharmaceutical samples.
My husband and I decided I would take a break from the workforce once I had my children.  I have two children Brianna (12) and Marissa (6).
Once I entered the workforce again, ThinTech has been the best decision yet.
Not only did I go back to work but working here has allowed me to start the process of getting healthy!
I have done the program and lost 30 lbs.!
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